We know that the earlier an intervention is started, the better the outcomes and the greater the chance of preventing addiction. This intervention usually starts with education and can gradually progress according to their level of involvement. We believe it is important for parents/guardians to be involved in the assessment/education or treatment process. Adolescents learn how drug and alcohol use can compromise values, change priorities and cause them to take risks that can alter life goals.

The Aftercare Group (Continuing Care Group) is changing the starts at 6:00pm and concludes at 7:30pm.  This group is for any person in stabilized recovery.

There will be a couple differences from the past with this group.  It will be for any person in stabilized recovery, or that has completed IOP or higher level of care.  PLEASE COME!  We want this to be for anybody who is looking for some additional support in their ongoing sobriety.


Any questions, please call the office at 724-382-4628.

Please pass this on to anyone you may know who would be interested.

Thank you.

Our clinical staff will conduct an evidence based, thorough assessment while trying to address any client questions or concerns. Upon completion of the assessment, various options will be discussed and if appropriate, a recommendation will be made to the appropriate level of care.

We believe that families are in need of education themselves. It is free of charge and serves as an introduction to understanding treatment/recovery.  As they get healthier, it improves the odds for their loved ones to find recovery and stay in recovery. We are extremely proud of the various family programming that we offer and the success these programs have enjoyed. A change in family members may be the most powerful force in moving clients toward lasting recovery. And in the meantime, family members get to experience hope, clarity and peace of mind that they have been missing for a long time.

Education Opportunities

FOUNDATIONS GROUP –  This group is for family members and friends of people dealing with substance abuse.  It is meant to be an introduction to understanding treatment/recovery.  Family members play an important part in that solution.  It is a 6-week educational series to learn the building blocks for a foundation in recovery. 

Look for upcoming announcements on when the next Foundations Group will start.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the office:  724-382-4628.  If you wish to attend the Foundations Group, you will need to register by calling (724-382-4628) or emailing ( New Freedom Recovery each month.  If we do not get enough people who are interested in attending, there will be no group; however, if we get a large response, the frequency may increase.  We will send a reminder out each month, so please respond if you want this.

When clients are unable to stabilize in abstinence while in an Intensive Outpatient Program, they may need an Inpatient Program. This level of care can provide detoxification assistance if needed and the support of a comfortable residential setting away from their environment and their greatest triggers/opportunities for relapse. Staff will assist clients with all transportation and admission arrangements.

We have been licensed since December of 2015 and are now providing Intensive Outpatient Programming for both adults and adolescents. This level of care will consist of participating in a drug/alcohol group with other clients three days a week from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm. It is a much more intensive level of treatment that offers more structure and support for those struggling with abstinence. One night a week involves a “family night” in which family members are encouraged to participate in group with the client. It is hard to replace the benefit and strength that comes from connecting with other group members who are in recovery and supporting each other.

Sherry Philips is a Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (Q-SAP). She will conduct a thorough evaluation according to the guidelines and policies set forth by the Department of Transportation. Upon completion of the evaluation, she will discuss any recommendations and explain the various steps necessary to complete the SAP evaluation process.