Hope 4 Inc.


“HOPE 4” exists to provide “hope for” a region devastated by addiction and the opiate epidemic.  Too many addicts and family members struggle fighting this disease isolated and alone.  It’s a place for recovering addicts, alcoholics and family members to meet, connect and support each other in the daily struggle against addiction.  HOPE 4 is an “alternate peer group” that is coordinated and run by non-professional peers.   It is also a community resource providing education, family group meetings, recovery activities, as well as information on how to access resources and programs related to treatment and recovery. These activities are completely free of charge. 

Steering committees will help direct fund raising efforts and social opportunities.  Individuals will be able to rediscover healthy and drug free activities and forge new relationships and a new lifestyle to ensure lasting recovery.

We strive to:

We believe we have the recovery community available to provide the necessary support for ANYONE to achieve lasting abstinence and the freedom of real recovery.  We also believe that no one recovers on their own and that we only made it ourselves because others were there for us.  Whenever someone is striving for recovery, we want them to know we are here for them. 

If you want to be an active part of HOPE 4, attend meetings and events, and communicate with other members, consider joining our “closed” facebook group.  It is a PRIVATE group for individuals who are stable in recovery and family members of thsoe struggling with substance use.  No one else will see your posts or comments.  Go to Facebook and search for HOPE 4 Inc.  Scroll past “pages” and go down to “groups”. Select “Join” and answer 3 questions for review.


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